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The Galahad update of Albion Online prepares us for its official release on July 17, 2017. It will have a new look on an open world full of new challenges.


The Albah Online Galahad update offers a wide variety of character configurations. The open world of this MMORPG offers dynamic PvP battles and encourages the defense and attack of territories. The returns are already promising and no doubt that on its official release of July 17, 2017, success will already be there. Galahad, an eagerly awaited update to the Albion Online MMORPG, has helped fix some bugs. Features such as the capacity of the vaults and banks have been improved. We will also appreciate the new design of the interface more fluid and with better display. Skills and stuffs were also rebalanced, those for harvesting and survival equally. The Galahad update also restructured the map of the world by merging certain islands into one continent. The appearance of the cities has been changed to make them more enjoyable and the Farlands continent made it more coherent for the guilds and the PVP.

Galahad Update This is a huge work that has been provided by developers to improve and perfect the latest Galahad update of this wonderful MMORPG that is Albion Online.

It is possible to immerse yourself in a universe right now by taking a founder pack that will give you early access to its official release of July 17, 2017. Your Premium status will entitle you to many benefits and special items.

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